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Commercial & Fleet Trailers

Built to Spec. Built to Last

At Express Custom Trailers we realize that each business has specific requirements for their equipment, so why not have your trailers built just for you? Too many times we have had companies come to us after years of buying stock dealer trailers and trying to customize them after the fact for their requirements. Not only is it a waste of time, it's a waste of money.


Give us a call and let us design your own model from the ground up. Take a look below at some of the work we have done for other companies and listen to what they have to say about working with us. 

Southeast Abatement (SEAS) is a Florida based demo and abatement company that works nationwide. We are proud to manufacture their custom trailers that not only have all the small details they need but can also stand the abuse and wear and tear of the heavy equipment required for their jobs.

Boss Air Systems provides custom air systems for other companies. Their trailers are very specific to each customer and highly customized. We have worked with Boss for years to fine tune their trailer to meet their changing needs. At Express Custom Trailers, we do not make "stock" models, we work with each corporate account to develop their own model, and then make as many as they need.

Blu Landscaping is a small, local landscaping business. While we specialize in larger, nationwide corporate accounts, we really take pride in providing heavy duty commercial trailers for local small businesses. Ten trailers or one hundred, we treat each customer and trailer the exact same.

Trusted by brands you know

Whether you need 10 or 100 trailers a year, our team has you covered. Thanks to our valued clients for trusting us with repeat orders for the last 35 years.