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See our Manufacturing Process in Action


Whether you are ordering your first custom trailer from us or making the 100th tweak to your company's model with us, we love getting down and dirty on the engineering of your trailers. 

There is a reason I have worked at Express for 29 years! I love being able to sit down with a business owner or fleet manager and completely develop their unique model from the ground up. We are large enough to mass produce, while staying focused enough on our commercial accounts to offer a crazy high level of customer service.

– Joe Colledge, Vice President at Express Custom Trailers

Custom designed to your company's needs.

Metal Cutting & Forming

All our trailers are built with 100% certified American made steel tubing. We refuse to use formed channel or z-members as its pales in comparison to the strength and robustness of steel tube. Our customers come to us because they know we have an unwavering commitment to building the strongest, longest lasting, and highest quality trailer money can buy. We also maintain significant inventory of raw materials allowing us to remain agile and unaffected by supply chain issues.

Fabrication & Welding

Every Express trailer is built following rigorous quality standards established through 35 years of continuous improvement. All our trailers are built on calibrated jigs for consistency and repeatability to ensure all axles, crossmembers, and uprights are in the correct location, every time. Every trailer comes standard with 16” on-center walls and 24” on-center crossmembers. We can also accommodate custom crossmember spacing such as 16” or 12” should your project require it.


When you bend a credit card back-and-forth multiple times, what happens? It cracks and then tears. That same thing happens as your trailer flexes down the road. Many manufacturers will use .024 skin as it looks good on the lot, however a few months down the road your trailer skin has developed cracks. We eliminate this concern by using .030 skin as our standard. It doesn’t sound like much, but that is 25% thicker than most manufacturers use. We also still believe in crisp, clean, miter cuts. All our employees are craftsmen and we let their talents shine. Get up close and really take in the beauty of an Express trailer.


We are unapologetically dedicated to quality. No imperfection is too small to overlook. Every bead of caulk, every weld, every piece of trim is meticulously examined by our Quality Department to ensure we do what we say we do; Build the highest quality trailer money can buy. As we tell all of our new guys, "It only takes one mistake on one of our trailers to ruin the 30 years of brand reputation that we have earned.